Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Since I had pretty much only pictures of the fashion shows, I just decided to wait for the photographer pics. It's been a while, but the con was great. I really had problems deciding, when to go grab something to eat - too many shows I wanted to see! Many thanks for the organizers and everyone there once more, hopefully we'll get another one some day.

Unfortunately my lens (or skills, probably latter) didn't work well with the stage lights, most of really light or dark outfits just look horrible. So, some picks it is!

The "absolute elegance" fashion show and lovely matching unicorn coordinates =)

Only sky is the limit, I simply love all those flowers and how this reminds me of summer/spring.

Only sky is the limit, I was nearly making grabby hands at that teapot. And bonnet.
Only sky is the limit, I seriously love everything from coordinate to make-up to accessories. Gorgeous and very well though out, really looks awesome on stage.

Only sky is the limit, one of my absolute favourite coordinates, so many things I adore at once.
Cloudberry Lady, stunning one piece and bonnet. Pretty much my favourite design from her.
Offbrand and budget lolita, so adorable! I love that poofy hair and those colours!
Offbrand and budget lolita, well balanced and lovely coord, I like the history inspiration. Also a brand I hadn't heard of before, nice to know.

Offbrand and budget lolita, really love the vintage feel in this one. That headpiece alone is to die for.

Finally, picture of my coord, and for once by someone other than me!
All credit to Miikka Pihlajamäki, thanks for a great job! And wow those shoes look clunky there, but it was really slippery and cold outside. I really need to refluffify my petticoat too, it seems >.<.
Jsk, shirt: IW
Bonnet: me
Flowers: H&M, Kicks
And selfie of the bonnet. I think I'll make the next one (if I make one) less antenna and more forward hunched. Once again, my curls died seconds before I got to the convention, I'm pretty much giving up with them at this point. Forever straight hair lolita, yeah!

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Office lolita

I wanted to try and make a bit more work/school appropriate coordination. Of course, to actually tone it down I should have taken out at least one petti. Since I actually just wore it to spend time with my bf, I decided to fluff on. I kind of like the minimal accessories and love how well that blazer goes with my skirts. It has pleat in the back that allows it to lay nicely on the skirt and also it's shorter than my other blazers.

I don't understand why my hair looks that gradient here.
Skirt: Me
Blazer: Second hand
Blouse: IW
Shoes: From Italy
I wear quite a lot of blouses with my normal clothes, but never very elaborate ones. People would really raise eyebrows for the amount of lace, weird collars and all the details. Even this one would be "too much" because of the standing collar and too "vintagy" look. I may try and incorporate it one day with everything else really down to earth, fingers crossed. Surprisingly though, that skirt and similar went unnoticed even with quite a lot of poof.

Aaand one more because the suitcase of my sewing machine just looked nice with this. I recently found its receipt: it's bought in -77! Talk about bang for buck...